The Difference in Meaning Between Forget Doing Something and Forget to Do Something

Teacher: Welcome to daily tips on learning English. Today's tip is on the difference in meaning between forget doing something and forget to do something.

Teacher: Let's take an example. What's the difference between I'll never forget to lock the door and I'll never forget locking the door. Well, I'll never forget to lock the door is a promise to lock the door in the future. You are saying that every time you leave your home in the future, you will remember to lock the door.

Teacher: On the other hand, I'll never forget locking the door means that you locked the door one time in the past. And that, for some reasons, the memory of locking the door that time will never be forgotten. Maybe you lock yourself into your house and couldn't get out for a week.

Teacher: So if you are reminding someone to do something in the future, say don't forget to bring your keys, don't forget to come early tomorrow, or don't forget to turn off the TV.

Teacher: On the other hand, if you are telling someone about a memory of doing something in the past that you will always remember, you say I'll never forget seeing the statue of the Liberty for the first time, or I'll never forget getting lost in Tokyo.

Teacher: Forgetting doing something is always used in the negative. I can't forget, I won't forget, I will never forget. So the meaning is the same as remember doing something.

Teacher: Pay special care when using the verb forget, You must choose the right form of the verb you use after it.

Teacher: This has been today's daily tip on learning English. Tune in tomorrow for another tip.